Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I have had to deal with eczema since I was a baby. In the past I had it as a child and teenager. It wasn't out of control when I was a child but it was durning part of my teenage years(age:14-15).I had a bad out break of it on my neck. By the time I was 16 it went away.Now that I'm in my 20s(age:24) it has come back and bad like it was when I was a teenager but now it's behind and beside my left ear. I have tried many products recommended to me but the one product that never fails me is "Cortizone Cream". In matter of days it helps to clear up my eczema. The product may not work for all but it works miracles for me. This product can also be used for other things such as rashes burns, poison ivy,etc. 

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